Financial Classes

Financial Responsibility


The Cedar City Housing Authority offers Financial Responsibility classes.  These classes walk participants through setting up budgets, rebuilding credit, opening bank accounts, identifying how they spend their money, keys to start saving money, preventing bankruptcy, the importance of having a savings and how to borrow wisely. 

These Classes are held each Tuesday at 12:00 noon to 1:00, in the Office of Cedar City Housing Authority.  If you are interested in attending one of these classes, you must call to pre-register (435)586-8462.

If you are a service provider and interested in scheduling a class for your group, please call the Cedar City Housing Authority at 435-586-8462.  We can provide classes on a variety of financial preparedness topics beyond what is mention here.  Groups can be scheduled during most days and weekends please feel free to call us with your requests.


  • BUDGETING-knowing where you money goes/setting goals
  • CUTTING COSTS – reduce your debt/interest rates/waive fees
  • CREDIT – Rebuild your reputation/what comes with good credit/how to increase your score/stop the collection calls
  • FINANCIAL LITERACY – borrowing wisely/understanding interest rates/bill consolidation/preventing bankruptcy